NitroPack Cache v2.5.6 Null 2.5.6 2017-10-25

Нет прав для скачивания
Не буду расписывать что за модуль, думаю с названия и так понятно “Оптимизирует и ускоряет работу сайта”
1. Не требует ввода ключа.
2. Проверка лицензии отключена.
3. Проверка обновлений отключена.
4. Ограничений по лимиту теперь нет.

NitroPack is the only Web Performance Optimization Framework. It is designed to boost your page loading speed, increase your SEO, SEM, enhance your Google and Yahoo rankings, and improve overall user experience.

Complete Framework Solution
NitroPack is a complete framework. Most cache tools on the market score well on some performance aims. However, NitroPack alleviates the need of purchasing, installing and setting up multiple extensions by bringing everything you will ever need to have a blazing fast OpenCart website in one place. NitroPack comes with 6 unique for the market OpenCart features. With more than 30 Premium Features and Unparalleled Support, NitroPack is a perfect fit for Shared, Dedicated or Virtual Private Server.
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